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Hello there!

This is something new to me. Not only writing blog-posts, but also 1) an internship and 2) being so far away from "home" (roughly 800km) for several months. So stay with me while we discover this together.


First of all:

$ whoami

My name is Jan (aka. JayVii), I am currently 22 years old and just finished my Bachelor's studies in economics in Germany's oldest town: Trier. However, economics haven't been the only topic I am into. In fact, my specialisations focused on two things:

  • empirical / statistical analysis
  • political economics

But apart from that, I am also greatly interested in technology, free software in particular. And I also care an awful lot about privacy, citizen's rights and how to enable people to protect themselves about the growing trend towards data-mining. This has a bunch of contact points with my studies, so it was only logical to me, to reach out and find some place I can contribute towards projects that do exactly that, while also improving my skills.

And I suceeded. I became an intern at the Free Software Foundation Europe, starting next week, until April of this year. I am really excited about what my particular tasks will be and I'll make sure to keep you up-to-date here...

I already got a teaser for you, though: I'll support the FSFE at FOSDEM 2018 in Brussels :)


I am not sure yet, how frequent I will populate this blog, but I'll try my best. If you want smaller and more frequent updates, make sure to follow me on Twitter (boooooooh!) or the fediverse.