Wrecking Columbia Hall

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The beginning of this week has been fairly unspectacular. At FSFE I worked on my PDF-Scraper for the PMPC Campaign pretty much the entire week long with only few exceptions in between. So really, there is not much to be told for the first two days of this week.

My biggest highlight was to buy at an ALDI-Nord store for the first time... What an exciting life!

However, I did experiment/play with my personal as well as with my notebook for work. When it comes to Desktop-choices, I need variety fairly regularly and as of recently, the Qtile-desktop became one of my favorites. I've been wanting to get into Python for quite a while now (apparently, its Syntax is comparable to R, which I have been working with for years already). So a Windowmanager / Desktop written and configured entirely in Python did have an appeal...

Qtile setup


On Wednesday, after work I went to the same series of lectures that I've been to last week. The topic this time was "Open Education and Digital Citizenship", though it merely concentrated on changing today's education system to better suite modern needs and society, as well as improving the handling of the educational sector of new media-types. In comparison to last week's topic, this one was obviously rather theoretical and philosophically. I still enjoyed it and the lecture did have a stimulating effect on me to have a different point of view on the matter. It's nothing to get overly excited about. It was more of a thought experiment as well as a look into the far future.

Thursday started off with receiving an acceptance for the Master's Program I applied for. So that was obviously quite big for me!

In the evening, I went to a FSFE-Fellowship meetup in Berlin. Because I was really tired that day, I left after three hours already, however the meetup was really nice and the people very helpful and friendly :)


As I said, the first half of the week has been fairly un-eventful. Friday's where the real deal started!

A Friend of mine - Matthias - came to Berlin all the way from the Saarland to visit me... That and because of the [Architects](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Architects_(British_band))-Concert we had tickets for. This has been the biggest of their events on european mainland this tour. For two hours, they wrecked this place! I've been to two of their concerts before, one in Luxembourg, one in Saarbrücken but of course the one in Germany's capital was much, much bigger than that. While She Sleeps supported them, which is an excellent band as well. Down below are three pictures I took myself, though you should also check out the ones their photographer took. They look amazing!

Architects 0 Architects 1 Architects 2 Architects 3

Images by Architects' photographer

Saturday started late, as we had to recover. But we did have a lot of sightseeing plans so it was a packed day. Of course we saw the TV-tower at Alexanderplatz, as well as the Berlin cathedral, Humboldt University, the "Neue Wache" (new guard house), "KaDeWe" (department store of the west). In the evening, we also went to the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstagsgebäude / Bundestag and the "Siegessäule" (Victory Column).

I haven't been quite hinest before. I did actually do some sightseeing in Berlin already. Just not in 2018. I've been to Berlin for the first time in late december last year, just for a couple of days. During that time, I saw and did quite a lot, including a tour through the Bundestags-Building. So some of the images below are from last december.

Berlin 1 Berlin 2 Berlin 3 Berlin 6 Berlin 7 Berlin 9

Berlin 4 Berlin 5 Berlin 8

Sunday noon, Matthias left so there is nothing to tell there either... Though not all weeks can be eventful and Friday as well as Saturday were indeed amazing and extremely tiring. I suppose the coming week will start off easy again, though I will travel to Brussels for FOSDEM on Saturday.

Until then, Cheers!