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(ENG) LWN: Python 3.8.0 released

Published by corbet on 2019-10-14T22:15:39

(ENG) PIA: Starting December 1st, China’s new MLPS 2.0 cybersecurity laws will require submission of a facial scan to receive internet access

Published by Caleb Chen on 2019-10-14T19:16:34

(ENG) LWN: PyPy 7.2 released

Published by corbet on 2019-10-14T19:11:30

(ENG) LWN: [$] Finding race conditions with KCSAN

Published by corbet on 2019-10-14T18:13:07

(ENG) PIA: South African court rules that mass surveillance by the government is illegal

Published by Caleb Chen on 2019-10-14T16:00:43

(ENG) LWN: Security updates for Monday

Published by ris on 2019-10-14T15:00:06

(ENG) LWN: Kernel prepatch 5.4-rc3

Published by corbet on 2019-10-14T13:52:12

(GER) ProLinux: Qt ändert Lizenz einiger Module

Published by Pro-Linux

(ENG) KDE: Akademy 2019 Talks Videos

Published by sealne on 2019-10-14T12:53:18

(GER) ProLinux: Support für OpenSuse Leap 15.0 endet nächsten Monat

Published by Pro-Linux

(GER) ProLinux: Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre gibt »Milky Way« v0.3 frei

Published by Pro-Linux

(ENG) FedoraMagazine: Use sshuttle to build a poor man’s VPN

Published by Paul W. Frields on 2019-10-14T08:00:16

(GER) ProLinux: Netrunner Rolling wird eingestellt

Published by Pro-Linux

(GER) Holarse: Godlike Village-Sim Rise To Ruins verlässt nach fünf Jahren Early Access mit Release Build 1

Published by comrad on 2019-10-13T21:29:05

(ENG) NixPlanet: Matthew Bauer: Improved performance in Nixpkgs

Published on 2019-10-13T00:00:00

(GER) Holarse: Linuxspiele-Wochenend-Rückblick 40/2019 #Drückblick - Neue Kartenerweiterung bei ETS2, Stellaris mit neuem Launcher, Descenders mit Modding-Update und vieles mehr

Published by comrad on 2019-10-12T18:37:56

(GER) Holarse: ScummVM 2.1.0 erschienen

Published by Linux Gamer 91 on 2019-10-12T08:10:24

(ENG) Fedora: FPgM update: 2019-41

Published by Ben Cotton on 2019-10-11T20:49:32

(ENG) PIA: The Hong Kong protests reveal how our faces are becoming a key battleground for privacy and freedom

Published by Glyn Moody on 2019-10-11T19:00:57

(ENG) Mozilla: The Mozilla Developer Roadshow Talks: Firefox, WebAssembly, CSS, WebXR and More

Published by Sandra Persing on 2019-10-11T14:26:55

(ENG) GNOME: GNOME Asia Summit 2019 to take place this weekend in Gresik, Indonesia

Published by oliverp on 2019-10-11T13:38:05

(GER) ProLinux: Google gibt Einblicke in den Linux-Scheduler mit SchedViz

Published by Pro-Linux

(GER) Golem: Linux-Laptop: System 76 verkauft zwei Laptops mit Coreboot

Published by Golem.de on 2019-10-11T10:25:00

(ENG) FedoraMagazine: Make your Python code look good with Black on Fedora

Published by Clément Verna on 2019-10-11T08:00:57

(GER) Holarse: Hedgewars feiert Party - Version 1.0.0 wurde veröffentlicht!

Published by comrad on 2019-10-10T19:41:59

(ENG) OMGubuntu: ImCompressor is a New, User-Friendly Image Compressor for Linux

Published by Joey Sneddon on 2019-10-10T08:47:40

(ENG) Fedora: Fedora localization platform migrates to Weblate

Published by Jean-Baptiste Holcroft on 2019-10-10T14:46:55

(GER) Holarse: Windows Kompatibilitätslayer Proton in Version 4.11-7 veröffentlicht

Published by NoXPhasma on 2019-10-09T22:49:45

(ENG) PIA: Thailand orders restaurants and internet cafes offering public WiFi to log your internet history

Published by Caleb Chen on 2019-10-09T16:05:54

(ENG) PIA: US Court says that states can ignore FCC and pass their own net neutrality laws

Published by Caleb Chen on 2019-10-09T16:00:44

(ENG) OMGubuntu: The BlueMail Email Client is Now Available for Linux

Published by Joey Sneddon on 2019-10-09T06:47:09

(GER) Golem: Infrastruktur: Suse gibt eigene Openstack-Angebote auf

Published by Golem.de on 2019-10-09T15:24:00

(ENG) DDG: Introducing the DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly Newsletter

Published by Dax the duck on 2019-10-09T12:00:00

(GER) Golem: Grafiktreiber: Nvidia will weiter einheitliches Speicher-API für Linux

Published by Golem.de on 2019-10-09T13:35:00

(ENG) FedoraMagazine: Command line quick tips: Locate and process files with find and xargs

Published by Ben Cotton on 2019-10-09T08:00:57

(ENG) Fedora: DevConf.CZ and Open TestCon CfPs open

Published by Ben Cotton on 2019-10-09T06:21:50

(ENG) Emacs: 2019-10-07 Emacs news

Published by Sacha Chua on 2019-10-08T17:44:00

(ENG) OMGubuntu: First GNOME 3.34 Point Release Goes Live with Oodles of Bug Fixes

Published by Joey Sneddon on 2019-10-08T05:39:43

(ENG) Fedora: CPE Team at Flock – Post Flock

Published by zlopez on 2019-10-08T09:03:45

(ENG) OMGubuntu: Linus Torvalds Shares His Thoughts on Microsoft’s New-Found Love for Linux

Published by Joey Sneddon on 2019-10-07T08:20:35

(ENG) OMGubuntu: Dash to Dock v67 Released, Adds Unity-style ‘Trash’ Icon

Published by Joey Sneddon on 2019-10-07T07:14:17

(ENG) KDE: KDE is All About the Apps: October Update

Published by jriddell on 2019-10-07T13:39:30

(GER) Golem: Canonical: Ubuntu-Installer unterstützt ZFS auf Root-Partition

Published by Golem.de on 2019-10-07T11:00:00

(ENG) FedoraMagazine: IceWM – A really cool desktop

Published by Troy Dawson on 2019-10-07T08:00:45

(ENG) NixPlanet: Hercules Labs: Agent 0.5.0 with Terraform support and simpler configuration

Published on 2019-10-07T00:00:00

(ENG) Fedora: FPgM report: 2019-40

Published by Ben Cotton on 2019-10-04T21:21:20

(GER) Golem: Linux-Kernel: Android-Bug wird von NSO Group angegriffen

Published by Golem.de on 2019-10-04T10:49:00

(ENG) FedoraMagazine: In Fedora 31, 32-bit i686 is 86ed

Published by Justin Forbes on 2019-10-04T08:00:42

(ENG) NixPlanet: Craige McWhirter: Installing LineageOS 16 on a Samsung SM-T710 (gts28wifi)

Published on 2019-10-03T23:04:41

(ENG) DDG: New DuckDuckGo Research Shows People Taking Action on Privacy

Published by Dax the duck on 2019-10-03T12:00:00

(ENG) Mozilla: Why is CSS So Weird?

Published by Miriam Suzanne on 2019-10-02T23:23:53

(GER) C't: Angezockt: Last Wood – zu zweit überleben auf hoher See

Published by Anna Eichler on 2019-10-05T04:30:00

(ENG) Mozilla: Video Shorts from Mozilla Developer

Published by Miriam Suzanne on 2019-10-01T08:00:33

(ENG) Emacs: 2019-09-30 Emacs news

Published by Sacha Chua on 2019-10-01T02:08:00

(ENG) Mozilla: WebHint in Firefox DevTools: Improve Compatibility, Accessibility and more

Published by Harald Kirschner (digitarald) on 2019-09-30T07:43:19

(ENG) NixPlanet: Hercules Labs: Post-mortem on recent Cachix downtime

Published on 2019-09-30T00:00:00

(ENG) KDE: Meet KDE e.V.'s New Board

Published by Paul Brown on 2019-09-27T10:36:21

(ENG) NixPlanet: Craige McWhirter: Setting Up Wireless Networking with NixOS

Published on 2019-09-26T21:38:34

(ENG) GNOME: GNOME Foundation facing lawsuit from Rothschild Patent Imaging

Published by nmcgovern on 2019-09-25T11:33:08

(ENG) Mozilla: Exploring Collaboration and Communication with Mozilla Hubs

Published by Liv Erickson on 2019-09-24T14:00:17

(ENG) Emacs: 2019-09-23 Emacs news

Published by Sacha Chua on 2019-09-23T11:20:00

(GER) C't: The Great Perhaps: Düster-melancholische Apokalypse

Published by Michael Link on 2019-09-21T04:30:00

(ENG) GNOME: GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 Registration is now open

Published by oliverp on 2019-09-20T10:40:56

(ENG) KDE: Plasma 5.17 Beta Out for Testing

Published by jriddell on 2019-09-19T15:56:25

(ENG) Emacs: 2019-09-16 Emacs news

Published by Sacha Chua on 2019-09-16T11:16:00

(ENG) KDE: Akademy 2019 Wednesday and Thursday BoF Wrapup

Published by sealne on 2019-09-12T22:26:34

(ENG) GNOME: GNOME 3.34 Released

Published by Link Dupont on 2019-09-12T17:20:26

(GER) C't: c't zockt LIVE: 7 Days To Die für blutende Anfänger!

Published by Liane M. Dubowy on 2019-09-12T04:30:00

(ENG) KDE: News from KDE PIM in July/August 2019

Published by dfaure on 2019-09-11T09:57:58

(ENG) Fdroid: We're modernizing our App Database

Published by uniqx on 2019-09-11T00:00:00

(ENG) Emacs: 2019-09-09 Emacs news

Published by Sacha Chua on 2019-09-10T18:47:00

(ENG) KDE: Introducing Kirogi: A ground control application for drones

Published by eike hein on 2019-09-08T12:16:16

(ENG) Debian: Updated Debian 9: 9.11 released

Published on 2019-09-08T00:00:00

(ENG) Debian: Updated Debian 9: 9.10 released

Published on 2019-09-07T00:00:00

(ENG) Debian: Updated Debian 10: 10.1 released

Published on 2019-09-07T00:00:00

(ENG) GNOME: Google Summer of Code 2019 concludes

Published by oliverp on 2019-09-06T09:29:12

(GER) C't: c't zockt Retro Live: Monkey Island 1 (Special Edition)

Published by Rudolf Opitz on 2019-08-15T04:30:00

(ENG) DDG: 2019 DuckDuckGo Privacy Donations: $600,000 for Privacy Advocacy

Published by Dax the duck on 2019-08-06T12:00:00

(GER) C't: Das U-Boot ist aufgetaucht: "We Need To Go Deeper" ist fertig

Published by Rudolf Opitz on 2019-08-02T10:28:00

(ENG) Debian: DebConf19 closes in Curitiba and DebConf20 dates announced

Published on 2019-07-27T00:00:00

(ENG) DDG: DuckDuckGo Expands Use of Apple Maps for Enhanced Search With the Same Commitment to Privacy

Published by Dax the duck on 2019-07-16T16:20:03

(ENG) KDE: Plasma sprint, 2019 edition; personal updates

Published by eike hein on 2019-07-16T01:49:52

(ENG) Fdroid: Public Statement on Neutrality of Free Software

Published by F-Droid on 2019-07-16T00:00:00

(ENG) Fdroid: TWIF 64: We are back!

Published by Hanna on 2019-07-11T00:00:00

(ENG) Debian: Debian Edu / Skolelinux Buster — a complete Linux solution for your school

Published on 2019-07-07T00:00:00

(ENG) Fdroid: Improving our "bus factor"

Published by F-Droid on 2019-07-06T00:00:00

(ENG) Fdroid: Dropping old TLS on Android

Published by F-Droid on 2019-07-01T00:00:00

(ENG) DDG: Call for Change: People Want Stronger Privacy Laws

Published by Dax the duck on 2019-06-18T12:00:00

(ENG) KDE: 2019 Toulouse PIM sprint report

Published by dfaure on 2019-04-17T16:40:14

(ENG) NeoVim: Google Summer of Code 2019

(ENG) KDE: Subsurface - an "outsiders" take on QML and Kirigami

Published by alexander neundorf on 2019-03-02T08:49:17

(ENG) NixNews: Nix 2.1 released

Published on 2018-09-02T00:00:00

(ENG) NixNews: NixOS Discourse forum

Published on 2018-08-14T00:00:00

(ENG) Qwant: Qwant change son design

Published by Team Qwant on 2018-07-04T15:50:05

(ENG) Qwant: Protecting copyright with robots: a risk for fundamental rights and freedoms

Published by Guillaume Champeau on 2018-06-19T10:20:23

(ENG) NixNews: NixCon 2018

Published on 2018-05-21T00:00:00

(ENG) WebUpd8: Why Oracle Java 7 And 6 Installers No Longer Work

Published by noreply@blogger.com (Andrew) on 2017-06-02T09:41:00

(ENG) NixNews: NixOS 18.03 released

Published on 2018-04-04T00:00:00

(ENG) Qwant: Qwant’s unprecedented service failure: our apologies and thanks

Published by Guillaume Champeau on 2018-03-29T10:11:54

(ENG) NixNews: Nix 2.0 released

Published on 2018-02-22T00:00:00

(ENG) NeoVim: Newsletter #8 - Open up the Windows

(ENG) Qwant: Net neutrality should be a golden rule in Europe

Published by Guillaume Champeau on 2017-12-15T12:25:22

(ENG) Qwant: Exodus Privacy: result of our investigation regarding reported trackers

Published by Guillaume Champeau on 2017-11-27T18:04:30

(ENG) WebUpd8: How To Flash Android (Flyme) On Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition

Published by noreply@blogger.com (Andrew) on 2017-08-25T09:52:00

(ENG) WebUpd8: Audacious 3.9 Released With Qt User Interface Enhancements, More [PPA]

Published by noreply@blogger.com (Andrew) on 2017-08-22T10:34:00

(ENG) WebUpd8: Nemo 3.4 Without Cinnamon Dependencies Available In PPA For Ubuntu 17.04 And 16.04

Published by noreply@blogger.com (Andrew) on 2017-08-10T10:50:00

(ENG) WebUpd8: YouTube-DL GUI 0.4 Ships With New User Interface, More [PPA]

Published by noreply@blogger.com (Andrew) on 2017-08-11T09:05:00

(GER) RTFM: c't Schlagseite 2016: Raspi, Comic Sans, Bunte VR-Welt

Published on 2016-06-11T16:58:00

(GER) RTFM: Die c't Schlagseite 1998: Röhrenmonitore, Autokorektur, Interfaces

Published on 2016-08-26T09:31:00

(GER) RTFM: RTFM: Eure Highlights

Published by Jo Bager on 2013-06-14T11:05:00

(ENG) NeoVim: Newsletter #7 - Summer of Road

(GER) RTFM: RTFM: "Die Telefonsoftware ist der Tod des Netzes"

Published by Achim Barczok on 2016-06-15T15:14:00

(GER) RTFM: RTFM: Vorsicht, Werbung!

Published by Achim Barczok on 2013-08-23T16:58:00

(ENG) NeoVim: Newsletter #6 - Ship it!

(ENG) NeoVim: Newsletter #5 - Out of the Box

(ENG) TOR: Reaching People Where They Are

(ENG) TOR: DocsHackathon, Run a Tor Bridge, Releases, Events

(ENG) TOR: Defending The Open Internet

(ENG) TOR: Pride and Privacy, Tor Bridges, Ethiopia Report, Events

(ENG) TOR: Tor Browser is Stable on Android, Mozilla Research, Season of Docs, Events